Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Introducing Kerry McKennon

Kerry McKennon is the Libertarian candidate for Texas Senate District 28, a special election being held on September 9th. 

"Liberty for all, period." That's what sealed the deal for Kerry McKennon to begin identifying as a Libertarian years ago. He's come a long way since then, starting out as Hale County Chair, finding himself as a delegate to the State Convention, and being elected to be a member of the State Executive Committee. This is his first bid for election and he has big goals when he wins. He will seek to repeal laws that inhibit liberties and introduce laws that secure them, but he feels the primary goal for the office he seeks is ending marijuana prohibition.

When asked what about the Libertarian Party empowers women and what should be attracting them to our party, he says "Liberty for all includes women.  Women are not put into a minority group based on sex to be a voting block to be fought over.  The 'All' is the individual and each women is an individual." I'm feeling empowered already!

He goes on to express the beauties of the non-aggression principle in a way that anyone can understand, "It is not acceptable to hurt someone using force.  Force is hitting someone until they do what you want.  Force is taking away something from you to make it fair.  It is better to share because you choose to do so." 

In a nutshell, Kerry wants to serve Texans by holding our elected officials accountable and both ensuring and regaining our freedoms. 

You can find more information on Kerry at his website and on Facebook.

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