Saturday, August 9, 2014

Introducing Whitney Bilyeu

Whitney Bilyeu is the Libertarian candidate for Texas Senate District 7 covering part of Harris County. She stumbled upon the Libertarian Party when she became frustrated with the candidates that both the Republicans and Democrats were putting forth and found her political home in the Harris County Libertarian Party in 2012. She began her party leadership by independently spreading the word of libertarianism and introducing people to the party through other organizations before attending the 2014 State Convention and being selected to represent Senate District 7 on the State Libertarian Executive Committee.
Even though this is her first bid for election, she has long had a desire to serve her community and the state Senate race seemed like the perfect choice. She notes her area is teeming with “anti-federal government sentiment” including many issues that are near and dear to our hearts as Libertarians. She sums up her goals, should she win the election into three powerful words: “LEGALIZE. NULLIFY. REPEAL.” If that doesn't get your blood pumping, I don’t know what will.
Whitney believes that the Libertarian party is unique in that rather than empowering any one group, it empowers everyone and her perspective as a teacher on how our principles influence the next generation of Libertarians is truly inspiring. She states that, “today’s youth is more libertarian than ever, though they may not totally relate to the Party.  I work with young people daily, even as young as five years old.  Libertarian principles are reflected in the way they deal with each other, as well as in how they negotiate the world around them.  The questions they ask and solutions they propose are starting to sound less and less like those of their parents.  Kids are seeing how aggressive, coercive, and oppressive society is as a result of the policies previous generations have put into place.  They want none of it.  They are going to be focused on peaceful and voluntary interactions with others, as well as personal responsibility and self-reliance.
Lastly, when asked to explain the Libertarian principle of non-aggression to a child, her response is succinct. “Don’t hit people and don’t take their stuff.” Try explaining the other parties’ beliefs that easily.

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