Saturday, August 9, 2014

Introducing Irene Johnson

Irene Johnson is the Libertarian candidate for Texas House of Representatives District 52 covering part of Williamson County. After declaring herself an Independent and becoming vocal online about her political views, Irene was approached about a year ago by Pat Dixon, then state party chair, about becoming a Libertarian and running for office under the LP banner.
She felt like she had found her political home and decided the next logical step in her activism was to run for office.  Active in her community and seeing very specific issues that needed a Libertarian hand, she chose to run for State Rep in her district.  If she wins, she will focus on putting more money back in the pockets of taxpayers, building stronger family values to protect children, and defending property rights.
When asked what attracts women to the Libertarian Party, she cited that women can find a home with us in our shared desire to leave a better world for future generations where they can succeed by their own hard work instead of failing in spite of it. She also notes that due to the nature of the party, it is easy for not just women, but everyone, to have their opinions heard and respected. Irene feels that because of this voice, the future of our world will be influenced by libertarian philosophy.  Irene sees increased independence, self-ownership and personal responsibility leading to success as our children become leaders of their time.
To put the Libertarian principle of non-aggression simply, Irene says: “Non-aggression is the only productive, responsible way to get a point across.”

If you find yourself wondering where you fall in the political spectrum, she advises you take the world’s smallest political quiz which can be found at, and vote principle, not party. For more information on where Irene stands on the issues, you can find her on Facebook at

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