Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Introducing Rebecca Paddock

Rebecca Paddock is the Libertarian candidate for U.S. Senate representing the whole of Texas. Even before realizing she was a Libertarian, she  lived her life by libertarian principles personally and in the workforce. After being disenchanted with the “control-centric” policies put forth by both Democrats and Republicans, she found herself politically homeless until a friend uttered two words that would change her political trajectory. “You’re Libertarian.” She did her research, and came to find she liked that the Libertarian platform is counter to what the two big parties espouse, that it centers on the same ideas as the Constitution.
She was inspired to run for the Senate by John Cornyn’s cloture vote for Obamacare. She decided it was time to put her money where he mouth is and try to do something to right the infringements on liberty imposed by Obamacare. Should she win, Rebecca intends to focus on “putting government back in the box defined for it by the Constitution,” including remedying the egregious attacks on both the second and fourth amendments. Additionally, she pledges that every bill put before her will be measured against the Constitution and turned down if it doesn’t make the grade, and every bill she authors will reference how that bill falls under the purview of government as set forth in the Constitution.
She notes that empowerment for everyone comes from the original design of our government in that its power is in the hands of the people and encourages everyone to become involved and informed in order to upright our country and to remember that living by the Libertarian principle of non-aggression is as simple as “don’t start fights; and don’t back down when a bully starts one.” If we live by this, then we can see liberty grow for our children and grandchildren.

Rebecca Paddock can be found at www.rebeccapaddock.com.

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