Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Women and Guns

I respect the Second Amendment. I love firearms and I'm not ashamed to say it!  This, however, wasn't always the case.  As a child I was blissfully unaware of the dangers of life and my only concern was Barbie, doll houses and who would play "tea time" with me.  In high school my perspective of guns was somewhat negative, probably due to my only exposure being TV, Movies and the occasional D.A.R.E. program.  This all changed however, after I met my loving husband.  Guns were never thought of but when he started working night shifts, my safety became a concern.  Of course, calling 911 was an option, but how would I survive the response time if an intruder was at the foot of my bed?  Next thing I know my husband is walking through the door with a Mossberg 500 Shotgun.  I was speechless.  A few days later my husband and I headed to the local gun range.  We had ammo, protection gear and some targets, and he went over the safety rules for handling a gun.  He then gets behind me and hands me this huge gun trying to show me how to aim.  Once I fired that very first shot, I was hooked.   "Love at first shot."   The power I felt behind this gun was empowering, especially for a little 120lb woman.  This is what opened the door for me in regards to firearms.   I then started doing some research on guns and what the true meaning is behind them.  A few months later I ran across an online group called Open Carry Texas (OCT). Shortly after that I started studying up on our U.S. Constitution and our Bill Of Rights.  I started falling in love with everything this group was trying to accomplish, so the next step was to become a full blown member and join the movement.  The more involved I got, the more I began to learn about our government, gun control and Moms Demand Action (MDA).

This is why I believe more women should stand up and fight for gun rights.  Open Carry Texas is mostly men, however if more women got involved people might understand the movement better.Not all people trust a bunch of men walking around with guns but if you have women out there as well, people would look at it differently. Women have a certain sense about things, we can feel danger in our gut a mile away.  The Second Amendment will stand or fall depending on the way women vote.  FACT: Women make-up about 52% of the population.  If women are not encouraged to support firearms and instead rely on the stigma that guns are bad, they will vote against the second amendment and they will not be protected.  It is much more important to teach girls how to use guns than boys because girls will grow up to be women and are more likely to be victims of crime.  If someone is going to be raped, mugged or robbed, it will more likely be a women and the attacker will more likely be a man.  A woman needs a firearm to make her equal and more powerful than her attacker.  Our Second Amendment is our greatest freedom, the one that makes all other freedoms possible since nothing else matters if you're dead.  Yet when it comes to guns and the second amendment, you're more likely to see a campaign against guns than one for guns.  Pick up a magazine, any magazine and you're more likely to see anti-gun propaganda from Cease Fire or the Ad Council telling you to use a gun lock than beautiful full-page ads from Smith &Wesson.  Gun Manufacturers themselves only place ads in gun magazines, there's little help for someone who's never owned a gun or who doesn't understand that "assault weapon" is just a scary term for "semi-automatic" and who might consider owning a gun but has never been lucky enough to meet a pro-gun friend.  The future for the second amendment depends on increasing the number of gun owners, but mainly women gun owners.  They say too many people have guns in this country.  I say we need 150 Million more gun owners. We need so many gun owners that it becomes political suicide for any party to propose gun control.  For people to embrace the second amendment, they must be given a personal reason.  For me it was not wanting to be home at night alone, and later on, not wanting to be a slave of the State. Free men bear arms, slaves don't, yet does the mainstream media care?  We cannot rely on them to promote the second amendment, instead it is our duty to share pro-gun stories on Facebook and social media.  The fact remains that they still oppose concealed carry, which means they're perfectly okay with women being unarmed and defenseless.  It's ironic that these so-called "feminists," these "war on women" folks, are actually waging a war against all women who want to defend themselves from rape or other crimes.  (FACT: The University of Colorado's response to rape-prevention tips- 1. Urinate 2. Claim you're menstruating 3. Vomit 4. Faint 5. Blow a whistle.)

The original intent of the second amendment was to protect the right of the states to form and maintain a state militia, free of the potential federal incursion created by Article 1, Section 8, Clause 16 of the U.S. Constitution.  Individuals should assert their rights and should NOT bow to an oppressive government.  The states should stand between their citizens and the federal government and halt any attempt by the federal government to interfere. Any interference in the right of the individual to possess, use and exchange firearms is an infringement of those natural rights and should be strongly resisted.  The second amendment of the U.S. Constitution was written to keep a balance of power, keep the prosperity, and the principles of life, liberty, and property in the forefront of society.  When looking at our basest nature, the threat of violence is one of the few things that keeps others civil.  Without this balance of power we are left without our last defense if the law fails us.  So, where are all the women on the front line?  We are involved in instructing men, women, and children in the safe use of firearms. In some cases they have their own blog/websites.  The fact is that the "front line" is everywhere.  We are in your towns and cities. The front lines are in the grocery stores and the schools. Women will determine the future of our right to bear arms.  We are raising the future generation of women gun owners and we can make the practice appear as normal as it is.  I am on the front line in this battle.  Are you??                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              BY: Houston Women For Gun Rights/Misty WittEMAIL:        TWITTER:  @WomenGunRights

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  1. very good Misty. you touched on a fine point, that 2A has to be a personal issue. what we have today is legislators and a mob mentality that deem themselves fit to decide for us what is and is not appropriate, and too many people are ready to accept that as truth. it takes an issue such as this for a person to question their principles, and beliefs - and through that introspection comes courage, and strength. bravo.